Worship Service Assistant


The current version of Worship Service Assistant is 2.01.0000 .


Worship Service Assistant is a Microsoft PowerPoint add-in that is designed to make PowerPoint a more useful tool in a worship service. It is copyrighted by Paul Bender, and is licensed under an X11 style license so that it may be freely used and improved by others.

I created Worship Service Assistant for use by my church family at Mount Soledad Presbyterian Church. When we moved with many of our church family to Faith Community Foursquare Church we brought Worship Service Assistant with us.

During our worship service, we want to be free to worship God with any song that is on our hearts. We do not want our tools to restrict us to a predetermined song list. As a result, we want the slide operator to be able to quickly find and display the song that we have begun to sing.

Before transitioning to a computerized projection system, we kept our hundreds of song slides in a large box. The slides in the box were alphabetized by the first line of the song. As a result, a slide operator could find and display a song relatively quickly, even if the operator was inexperienced. In addition, the slide operator could easily switch between song slides, sermon slides and announcement slides. When we computerized our projection system, we needed to maintain this same flexibility and ease of use.

I created Worship Service Assistant to add the flexibility and ease of use found in our song box to Microsoft PowerPoint. As the need has arisen, I have added additional functionality, such as the ability to play announcements and present sermon notes.

System Requirements


If you want to learn more about Worship Service Assistant, you can download the Worship Service Assistant help file from here. The downloaded file is a *.zip archive containing the Worship Service Assistant *.chm help file. The *.zip archive can be extracted using a program such as WinZip. The help file can be viewed under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.

If you want to use Worship Service Assistant, you can download Worship Service Assistant from here. The downloaded file is a *.zip archive containing the Worship Service Assistant add-in and help, including the source code. Support for *.zip archives is built into Windows XP.

If you download and use Worship Service Assistant, please let me know.

If you have any comments, feature suggestions or bug reports, feel free to contact me. However, it should be noted that Worship Service Assistant has no been in active development for some time.